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Feyre Ring - Moonstone and White Topaz

Feyre Ring - Moonstone and White Topaz

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About This Ring

Step into a realm of ethereal beauty and magical allure with our enchanting "Feyre" Moonstone and White Topaz Ring.  At the heart of this exquisite ring lies a mesmerizing moonstone, renowned for its iridescent glow that mirrors the luminosity of moonlight dancing on calm waters. Bathed in a silvery sheen, the moonstone radiates an ethereal aura that captures the essence of Feyre's enchanting presence. Its translucent surface holds a universe within, with a subtle play of colors reminiscent of the mysterious lands of the fae.

Surrounding the moonstone are delicately placed white topaz gemstones, evoking the sparkle and brilliance of starlight twinkling through the canopy of an ancient forest. These dazzling gemstones exude a celestial allure, imbuing the ring with a touch of celestial magic that embodies Feyre's essence.

  • ¬†Natural¬†Moonstone & White Topaz¬†
  • ¬†925 Sterling Silver
  • ¬†Stone Size:¬† 7x5 mm/2x4 mm
  • ¬†Cut: Pear-Cut/Marquise-Cut
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