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Juliet Ring - Amethyst and White Topaz

Juliet Ring - Amethyst and White Topaz

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Introducing the exquisite "Juliet" Amethyst and White Topaz Ring – a timeless symbol of love and elegance. Crafted with passion and precision, this enchanting piece will captivate hearts and turn heads wherever it graces your hand.

At the center of this ring lies a resplendent amethyst gemstone, deeply alluring with its regal purple hue. The amethyst, known for its association with tranquility and balance, embodies the spirit of royalty, making you feel like a true queen. Its mesmerizing violet tones dance gracefully in the light, commanding attention from all angles.

Surrounding the amethyst are sparkling white topaz gemstones, meticulously set to accentuate the brilliance of the center stone. The white topaz, akin to little stars twinkling in the night sky, complements the amethyst's allure and adds an extra touch of brilliance to the design. 

  •  Natural Amethyst & White Topaz
  •  Solid 925 Sterling Silver
  •  Stone Size:  7x5 mm/1.2 mm
  •  Cut: Oval-Cut/Round-Cut
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Customer Reviews

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A Collins
Juliet Ring

I recently purchased this ring and it's a stunning piece. The amethyst gemstone is rich in color and beautifully faceted. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves amethyst.

Kathy Goodwin
My special ring

I adore this ring! The design is truly exquisite, and the quality is exceptional. Everywhere I go, I receive numerous compliments on it. It's my unique amethyst piece, and I love to show it off.

Isabella Richard
Love it

Highly recommended. They have the prettiest jewelry.

Total Perfection! 😍

I've worn this beauty to a party, to work, and hanging out with friends. I got so many compliments.