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Moon Child

Olivia Ring - Moonstone and White Topaz

Olivia Ring - Moonstone and White Topaz

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About This Ring

"Olivia" is a modern and elegant moonstone and white topaz ring that exudes sophistication and grace. This exquisite piece combines the ethereal beauty of moonstone with the sparkling brilliance of white topaz, creating a stunning harmony of light and elegance.

Wearing the "Olivia" ring is a statement of modern sophistication and timeless elegance. It captures the essence of femininity and empowerment, reminding the wearer of their inner strength and poise.

  • Ā NaturalĀ Moonstone & White TopazĀ 
  • Ā 925 Sterling Silver
  • Ā Stone Size:Ā  6 mm
  • Ā Cut: Round-Cut
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