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Tranquility Necklace - White Topaz

Tranquility Necklace - White Topaz

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Discover a sense of inner peace and serenity with our "Tranquility" White Topaz Necklace. This exquisite piece of jewelry is more than just an accessory; it's a symbol of calmness and clarity that can gracefully adorn your neckline. This necklace features a brilliant white topaz gemstone as its centerpiece. Its ethereal sparkle captures the essence of a tranquil oasis, where worries seem to melt away.

Timeless Elegance:  "Tranquility" is not only a visual masterpiece but also a versatile accessory. Whether you're attending a serene garden wedding, a refined gala, or simply enjoying a peaceful evening out, this necklace will be your perfect companion.

Adjustable Bolo Chain: This necklace boasts an adjustable bolo chain, allowing you to customize its length to suit your style and neckline preference. Whether you desire a close, intimate fit or a more elongated, elegant look, this necklace effortlessly adapts to your every mood.  Adjustable from 16 to 22 inches.

  • ¬†Natural White Topaz
  • ¬†Solid 925 Sterling Silver
  • ¬†Stone Size:¬†¬†7x10 mm / 0.70 mm
  • ¬†Cut: Pear Cut/Round Cut
  • Sterling silver¬†bolo chain adjustable from 16-22 inches
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